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Ayia Napa is most widely known for its nightlife scene and, while it serves up clubs and party venues in spades, that’s hardly all it offers travellers.

Whether you’re an adventurous globetrotter looking for a Mediterranean destination with a mix of both nightlife and history and culture, or a family with absolutely no interest in nightlife activities but still looking for a fun and new destination, you can find lots to love in this popular town on Cyrpus’ eastern coast.

Ayia Napa Central Square is a great starting point for a day exploring the area. You can make your visit to the square a lengthy or quick one, depending on how much you want to see, how many photos you want to take and how leisurely you like to go about seeing the sights during your travels.

ou’ll need your hiking boots to thoroughly explore Cape Greco National Forest Park. This beautiful park along the Mediterranean shore features loads of nature trails offering views of sea cliffs, ocean waves, beaches and pine forests.

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